Everyday Food: Boyfriend Desserts and at the Home

home salad for eating
 As a part of my dinner I almost always have a salad. Honestly I get a little tired of eating it EVERY NIGHT, but if the other people like it, then that's what we'll keep having. Right now it seems that I'm in the minority. I do make my salad better though by adding a ton of cheese, bacon bits and dressing.
brownies ice creak
 I had another ice cream from Ritter's. The first, at least in a long time, was when I was babysitting for the second time. This time I had wanted some cookie dough creation but they only had like four flavors to pick from so I ended up with a brownie ice cream instead. I got two scoops, and really I should have just left it at one, because it was a pain to eat it all. I did however like the waffle cone. Oh, and it looks like my Milani Orange nail polish is still going. 
burgar and macaroni
 Okay, this dinner may not look like much, especially on the paper plate, but it tasted so good. I love making mac and cheese, and eating it of course so that was perfect. In the sandwich is this mandwich meat stuff that was much better than I expected.
 Then there was a Popsicle that I ate at my boyfriend's house. I love these stick popsicles, but I did have a little trouble opening it. For some reason Big Hair couldn't find scissors so I tried burning it off, which I thought was a great idea, but no one else did. The first drawer I looked in though I found scissors.
food at home
Then I had corn on the cob, from the same batch I did my corn cooking and freezing, some chicken cucumbers and tomatoes. This is yet another ugly looking meal, and it only tasted so so. Not bad, not good.
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