Everyday Food: Away Freshman Summer

L written in tea bubbles
 At my boyfriend's house he almost always has tea. While he set it out to cool, I noticed that there were bubbles on the top and decided to stick my fingers in it and write the letter L. Surprisingly he didn't care that I was sticking almost my whole hand in his drink, which was hot enough to burn me a little but I was determined. The first time I did it the L was backwards so it made more work for me. When his mother walked by she saw it and said "Oh is that an L for Love?" but it was just an L for Lei. 
sandwich for Hanna
 We stopped at a rest stop on the way to our mammoth cave trip  and had turkey sandwiches potato chips and cheese that was from the Amish town I visited. The place was nice and clean, and actually I liked the design pretty well.
salad at Mcdonalds
 On the way home from our vacation we stopped at a McDonalds and had lunch. The food was fine, although my tomatoes tasted so bad I spit them out, but the place as so dirty. The restroom looked like it hadn't be cleaned in a week and the were flies everywhere in the dining area. 
oreos popcorn cheese and gatoraid
 On the way back from our Shipshewana Trip we stopped at a rest stop, I know we do it a lot, and at a snack. Double stuffed Oreos which were fantastic, kettle corn popcorn and amish cheese from Yoder's Meat and Cheese Company and to drink some Gatorade. For me any food can be eaten together as you can see here.
frozen pizza
Formerly frozen pizza. Supermarket frozen pizza has really gotten so good that when its done cooking it tastes as good as going to a pizza shop. Not only that but you don't have to go pick it up or have it delivered. You do however have to get it from the grocery store, store it for awhile, and cook it yourself.
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