Everyday Food: All at Big Grandparents

melon and sandwich lunch
 I spent two days visiting my grandparents and since I like to do everyday food posts with at least five photos, and I got six I decided to make one solely about what I ate at my grandparents. Almost all of this food is made by my grandmother who is very good at cooking and since my breakfasts were quite boring I decided to simply not take pictures of them.

First up is what I had for lunch the day that I arrived at my grandparents. Of course since I can make sandwiches I made it myself. Its a peanut butter and cheese sandwich on white bread, very good I think. On the side I had a melon from their garden.
fantastic pork meal
 For dinner that night, after a long day working on day two of the chest we had pork stir fry cucumbers and carrots. I've never really been a fan of pork but this was fantastic. It made me come to the realization that pork is popular in Asia because they cook it in stir fry format. Although I'm probably wrong just like I was with my bird's nest soup. Plus is was a good cut of pork which help with the taste. Oh and everything else excluding the tortilla shell was from my Grandparent's garden. 
vanilla ice cream with too much on top
 For dessert, something that I always look forward too, was homemade ice cream like what I made. Unlike what I made though, this wasn't healthy at all, because I loaded it with toppings. First up I added a little bit of nuts and some blackberry jelly. Then some zucchini cake and to top it off was chocolate syrup.
food to eat, bacon
 The next day my grandmother went to the hospital, it turns out she might need a surgery, but more on that later, and she was kind enough to get us sandwiches ready before she left. I love anything with bacon, but bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches, or BLT is my favorite thing to do with bacon.
fresh peach
 Then we had fresh peaches as a snack after she came back. I don't particularly like all the fuzzy stuff on the outside, but peaches are quite good on the inside so I didn't complain too much.
grandma's mac and cheese
Remember when I made macaroni and cheese? Well after we went to visit Sergeant the dog my grandmother made some, but hers wasn't from a box. It didn't seem that hard either boil noodles and broccoli, drain it and then add the cheese. 
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