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I've talked before about how I sell stuff on Ebay. With the seller fees and shipping I make hardly anything, but since I really don't want to just throw away my things I sell them. This post though isn't about how unfair Ebay is to its sellers though, its actually how I was ripped of by Ebay and they're $5 coupon. The worst part is that their customer service is so bad that I wasted 2.5 hours trying to get my money back. 

It all started with something that I thought was pretty cool. Ebay just randomly sent me a $5 coupon that I could use on any purchase no limits to how much you had to spend or what you could use it on. The only thing was that you had to use it by the end of the month. Since I don't normally buy things on eBay I decided that I could just buy my mother a few stamps since she likes to make cards and scrapbooks. My total came to $5.55 so with the coupon I only had to pay $.55 which was all fine until I saw the charge to my paypal account.

I got an email conformation saying that I had been charged $5.55 the full amount. I then thought maybe I didn't do the coupon correctly so I went to look and it said it had been used up. I then spent about thirty minutes looking to see where I could email someone about my account being mischarged and there was nothing. I could only create a fuss if the sell was at fault (by the way my seller was fantastic) so I had to call them. 

After calling them, and being on hold and transferred constantly they basically told me it was too bad. It was only $5. Even though I wasn't really an ebay buyer before, there's no way I am now. To me this is even worse than the Edenfantasys scam because they billed me incorrectly and won't do anything to fix it. So really this could happen again. 
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