Cooking & Freezing Farm Fresh Corn

bagged broken corn
 Since I live in Indiana there is an abundance of corn, drive a few miles out of any city and you see rows and rows of tall corn growing in the fields. Sure their are also some soybeans and grain, but right now those aren't important because I'm talking about what to do with fresh corn, which was the point that I was getting to, there is a lot. This corn specifically came from a man who comes from a farming family and gets quite a bit extra.  Making this corn and then freezing it creates an alternative to canned and frozen corn available at the super market when the fresh corn is out of season. It's quite a bit healthier and tastes better because there aren't any additives and the corn freezes the day after being taken off the stalk. Cooking and freezing this fresh corn is easy to do, but since I've done blog posts over things even easier (like poaching an egg) I figured I could go through the steps.

how to prepare corn
First there is the corn. I actually had 6 dozen to work with, which doesn't make quite as much corn as you'd think.  My first job was husking all of the corn, and that wasn't so bad, except for the fact that I was eaten up by all the bugs outside. It seems like my garden isn't the only thing benefiting from the wet summer we've had.  Also, I was surprised at how much wasted was created from the from husking but that's okay because the husks along with the middle of the corn ear are going to the compost not the garbage. 

Next came the boiling the corn for a few minutes and then putting them in ice water to cool them quickly. After that the corn was cut off from, a job that my mother did, and then bagged in plastic bags with the date on them. After that simply put them in the freezer and save for the winter. 
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