Carrot Cake Cookie Creme Pies

Carrot Cake pie mixes
For a light dessert, kind of like the Berry Crocker lemon squares that I made, I decided to try another boxed recipe, carrot cake cookie (or whoopie pies as they're called). They don't actually taste like carrot cake, more of a spice cake but they turned out great and the icing is superb.These didn't take long to make, less than an hour, and were easy to do, even for any inexperienced baker like me.

making cookie pies
To start with I had to mix stuff together. This mix for carrot cake cookie pies required me to add a few extra things, an egg 1/3 cup of milk, and three tablespoons of oil. After mixing that all together I had to let the rest mix while I heated the oven. Then after less than ten minutes I took them out. They were still soft, and stayed that way. It reminds me a little of oatmeal cookies. 

making cookie icing
While I waited for the cookies to cool, I made the icing. It went so much better than the gingerbread pop cakes that I made in December, so I think the key is practice, although there were still a few mistakes I made. To start with have warm temperature butter and mix it until its fluffy. Of course being impatient I didn't wait until my butter was warm enough. Then I added powdered sugar and the mix, which I almost forgot, and continued to stir. Then spread it on the cakes, making sure not to press to hard because the cookies are fragile and you're done. 
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