BzzAgent Only Wants the Good

Box of heartburn medication

I've done a few different promotes with BzzAgent, the first being a Special K Nourish campaign, that I didn't manage to blog about, then came the Food Should Taste Good Chips, the Happy Money Book and finally where the trouble started with Prevacid24HR. It all started out just fine, but the longer I'm with BzzAgent the more it seems like they really don't care what I think.

Starting out with BzzAgent I didn't have any problems. I received my first campaign right off the bat, maybe because of my blog (although no activities even request blogging) and had a fairly high score. I really liked the product and wrote good reviews of and was happy to do a little promotion. Then I started working on the Food Should Taste Good campaign and most of it was good, until I reached the Pinterest activity. They wanted me to make a whole board dedicated just to the product, now I have a large following on my food board so I figured I'd just add it to that, but this got me into trouble and lowered my rating. Fine, I guess I didn't do what I was supposed to do.

Then the really trouble came. I had to do a review over Prevacid24HR reward program, and I told the truth. That everything on there is just price reductions and discounts, and that I hadn't even received the reward I was supposed to. They wouldn't even accept this and told me that there were free things, like movies and gift cards, when I had clearly said there weren't  and that I just needed to wait a little longer for my reward. I've been waiting for over a week now. 

I was forced (or else risk no longer getting campaigns) to make up something about how great my reward was and how much I loved it. Typing it made me so angry but really I didn't have a choice. 

I'm tired of companies that only want to hear the good and won't take any criticism. Especially those that ask for feedback. This reminds me a little of the Edenfantasys scam, and too a lesser extent the Ebay Coupon scam. None of the companies make it possible to reach any customer service, so I'm kind of stuck.
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