Buying Prescription Drugs Online

What's the first thought that came into your head when you read the title "Buying Prescription Drugs Online"? Until recently I would have assumed that this was going to be a showcase of how Walgreens or CVS lets you order your prescription online and have it delivered to your door. Instead I'm going to be telling you about something a little more sinister, buying prescription drugs WITHOUT a prescription, which is frighteningly easy to do and accounts for 97% of online pharmacies. Gone are the days when you had to stand on the street corner in the dangerous part of town, now its available from the comfort of your home, just a click away for teens everywhere.

You would hope then that big search engines like Google would try and hide these websites. Kick them off the index so that they don't even show up when you type in things, like where to buy Oxycotin, instead though thousands of results turn up for this search. Not only that but Google places ads for these illegal sites on their search engine, and on Youtube (information via Digital Citizens Alliance). So if your teen didn't know about illegal prescription drugs before, Google even told them where to buy it

Here's videos about it you should check out both by Digital Citizens Alliance

Getting high is easier than ever in today's connected world, but the culprits aren't who they used to be. Its not the illegal drugs that are the most responsible for teens drug overdoses and addictions, but rather prescription pills that are obtained without a script. Teens think they're safer, well because, "some people are supposed to use them, right?". Not to mention how easy they are to obtain and pass around.   For help on keeping your teen safe, check out this guide.
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