Book Review: Humble Orthodoxy

Humble by Joshua Harris Book
Humble Orthodoxy
Holding the Truth Hight, without Putting People Down
by Joshua Harris

We don't get to choose between humility and orthodoxy. We need both. In Humble Orthodoxy, best selling author Joshua Harris examines New Testament teachings about calling believers to a love-infused courage that ignores foolish controversies, patiently endures evil, and champions truth with generosity of spirit. Without this kind of humility Harris asserts, we become like the Pharisees - right in our doctrine, but ultimately destroying the cause of truth with our pride.

Orthodoxy, for the faithful, evokes what's cherished and beautiful and eternal. Yet in our day, orthodoxy is too often wielded like a weapon used to bludgeon others with different points of view. It's time for God's people to demonstrate both right thinking and right attitudes. We are called to embrace and defend biblical truth. But that truth includes repeated commands to love our neighbor, love our enemy and be clothed in gentleness and respect.

About the Author

Joshua Harris is the lead pastor at Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg, Maryland. He and his wife, Shannon have three children. 

My Thoughts

Although I don't normally like to talk about my personal feeling towards how Christianity should be I have to say that Humble Orthodoxy is right where I think it should be. Although books like Godonomics are well written, and provide a ton of evidence, they're missing something, a human outlook. I love that Humble Orthodoxy tells you to not exclude those around you (don't they need the most help of all?) and that you can still be strict in your beliefs at the same time. Humble Orthodoxy is a fantastic Christian book that shows that you should love everyone.
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