Book Review: Godonomics

Godonomics by Chad Hovind
by Chad Hovind

How to save our country and protect your wallet through biblical principles of finance. God's solution to America's Economic Crisis. Saving America's economy is not a conservative-versus liberal issue, it is a biblical issue. National leaders have failed to pull together the country out of its financial tailspin because both major parties are working from the wrong text. For a nation to achieve stability and enjoy lasting economic health it needs to adopt the economic principles set forth in the Bible.

Godonomics uncovers the core teachings from God's Word that offer the only workable solution to our national debt problems, and economic backslide. Biblical principles uphold the superiority of free market capitalism, which produced history's highest standard of living and established the United States as an unrivaled superpower. But forces are at work today even in the church, that seek to enslave our nation in a socialistic system. Now you can speak out - using God's word - against false teachings that endanger your livelihood and the future of America. 

Let Godonomics show you God's idea of financial success, in your own life and in the affairs of our nation. By following the Scripture's economic principles you can make sure that your family's financial well being is safe, even in the case that the United States does not do the same. If we act together it isn't too late to reverse the decline.

About the Author

Chad Hovind is the lead pastor of Horizon Community Church a rapidly growing church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Horizon attracts business leaders, entrepreneurs professionals, and unconvinced explores, all of whom are interested in applying God's truth to everyday life. Pastor Chad Hovind is creator of the Fast Track Bible DVD series and the Godonomics DVD curriculum series that has been promoted by Focus on the Family's Truth Project. He speaks regularly to a variety of groups including at Glenn Beck's Restoring Love, marketplace ministries and patriot events, Hovind holds three degrees from Moody Bible Institute.

My Thoughts

Everyone, I assume, knows about the huge national debt the United States has and how this could affect the future of all of us. Something that is less talked about though is the financial state of individual Americans, but Godonomic wants to do that. There are ways to help yourself and your family out with Godonomics telling you how God wants it done. To read more about how to be more finically stable check out The Money Smart System, and The Five Money Personalities. For more about the U.S. debt problem check out The U.S. Financial Crisis.
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