Book Review: God in Slow Motion

God in Slow motion book
God in Slow Motion
Reflections on Jesus and the 10 unexpected lessons you can see in his life.
by Mike Nappa

He had only three years of public ministry - three years to heal and teach and change the world - but the Bible never tells us he rushed through them. We are the ones who rush through them. Catching the gist of this parable. Smiling at the punch line in that dialogue. We can race though the Gospels in hours, fully briefed on Christ's life, but hardly changed. Until we sit down with Mike Nappa's God in Slow Motion.

Nappa hasn't carved up the Gospels for quick review or sliced them into tiny pieces for academic study. He has taken ten important moments from the life of christ and reveled them, chewing on the words, relating them to life, comparing them with modern culture, allowing the Spiirit to work and letting Christ change him. The result is a rich, personal and biblical narrative about Jesus and how is purposes unfold then and now. See how God is sneaky about his glory. How he presents evidence for belief. How he can be comforting and terrifying at the same time. This is the "good news" in all its many splendored wonder; the life of Christ frame by frame. And its worth every minute because it will change you too.

About the Author

Mike Nappa holds a master's degree in English and a bachelor's degree in Christian education, with an emphasis in Bible Theology. Most of all, Mike Nappa loves Jesus and he figures that covers over a multitude of sins.

My thoughts

It seems like people are rushing through everything I'm rushing at schoolon vacation and really through life in general. That's not how its supposed to be though. Especially when reading through the bible God in Slow Motion, helps to take the rush out of looking for Jesus, because really it can be worth the wait. 
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