Bedroom Tour and Renovation Update

teen's bed
 Looking back through my archives it seems that I haven't done a room tour  since last year, so I figured that I could post a few pictures of what has changed. Its still very much a work in progress so this is also going to be a kind of post of future update idea. A lot of what I want is similar to when I did my Lowes Wishlist  so if you've read that post then you already know what I'm going to say, like a mind reader.

The first big change that's been made to my room is that the wall are now white from a very bright pink.  This alone made my room seem so much larger. So if you're looking to open up a space go for a light color of paint. The next big thing that happened, was when hardwood floors were put in. Since they're bamboo they're good for the environment, and are very durable. A big step up from the nasty carpet that used to be there. 

Really, my bed hasn't changed at all, except for the addition of my beaver and Pokemon, both of which were presents from my boyfriend. I'm debating if I should take out the pink striped accents and go for a more grown up color choice. A dark purple or a sea green might look nice.
 teen's dresser
 Here's my armoire. It hasn't changed much since I did my post on what's inside my armoire  but a few things have stacked up on the top. My perfumes and contact cases might have to get a new home sometime, but for now I don't have any other ideas for them. On the bottom right is an Oasap bag that has a ton of beauty products I've yet to review. But I'll get to them.
changing up a mirror
 Here's the mirror where I do most of my outfit pictures, that is unless I'm super into it and take them in a pretty place. I've been long debating what to do with this mirror, because although I like having it, it doesn't go with my room. I tried sanding and staining it, but the finish was too thick, so maybe a replacement is on the way.
nasty bedroom fan
 Here's the awful bedroom fan. I've hated it since it went in, but yet it still stays. I hate the off white blades, and the green color. I'd rather replace it with a simple fan, no light included because this one doesn't even give off very much. Another thing on my list is colonial shutters. Right now I have blinds and then sheers, and although the blinds are nice they still look tacky.
teen's closet tour
 My closet hasn't really changed much since my closet tour, although I did switch around where the shoe storage, and the box were. Looking back at old pictures, I might change it to the way it was before, because really I don't like the look. Soon, I'm changing out all of my hangers and getting new ones, and I hope to come up with some solution for all of my scarfs sunglasses and hats.
outside teen's bedroom
Last, is the entryway. My keyboard school supplies, a random pair of shoes and my box to donate to goodwill all go here. Also on the keyboard is a few books that I've just reviewed, or am working on reviewing.
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