Babysitting for the Second Time

Yesterday for the second time (actually third, but the first time was so long ago) I was babysitting a nine year old girl. I'm not sure that its actually babysitting when they're that old, because I feel much more like a playmate than anything else. Every time after I watch her, my super tired and all my muscles are sore. Nothing makes me realize how out of shape I am as much as having to do all these activities with her. Don't get me wrong though it's a ton of fun.

origami book
The first thing we did was to try and make origami. Since I can only make a crane I did that, but she, using her fancy book made a box. In the book it said the box could hold water, but we tried it out and it couldn't. I had to take a picture of this page in the book though because its to make a paper parrot and the parrot is saying meow. My African Grey Elizabeth Meows all the time.
picture of empty swings
We then headed out for a bike ride, that maybe we shouldn't have gone on because she was grounded and stopped at a park along the way. I'm actually quite fond of this swing picture that I took, especially considering that most of the time when I take photos they aren't all that great. I guess if you take a million you're bound to get something good. 
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
Then on our bikes we headed to Ritter's for ice cream, because it was in the high 80's and because we like ice cream. Funny thing is that I had a gift card for Ritters but ended up giving it away because I figured I'd never go there. We both got chocolate, and as you can see I'm still wearing my Milani Juicy Glo Nail Polish.
tennis ball hanging in garage
Then, when we were putting the bikes up I noticed this tennis ball hanging. To me it was super funny because my father has the same kind of thing in our garage. Its to help you park by making sure you don't pull to far forward and run through the garage.
shed turned into a play house.
sunshine yard
raise garden beds
Last are a few pictures of their back yard that is amazingly big considering they live very close to downtown. First up is a shed that is actually a play house and stores all of her toys. Then is a picture that didn't turn out that great of the yard its self, and last are a few tomato plants that look very nice. I have a garden, but I can tell you my tomato plants aren't half as good.
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