A Nude Arm

women's arm
I was debating a whole bunch of different titles for this post, ranging from the funny slightly inappropriate kind all the way to the x rated variety. In the end though I picked "A Nude Arm" self censoring myself, because I really would rather not be kicked off any search engines or received as on of those kind of sites.  But here's the story.

I was texting my boyfriend, I know big surprise right and we were talking about weird searches that people had done to get to my site. A few were kind of funny like "mixed race Hanna Lei" and "big eyed girl" but one of them bordered on the creepy side, "Hanna Lei nude". In case you're curious there aren't any pictures of that of me ANYWHERE, and I think their search ended up at something I wrote about nude heels. 

Since I was in a particularly odd mood I decided to send him a picture for himself, the one above (taken in my room). Although this maybe be a nude, of my arm, I think he got about as much of a view as whoever was trying to find revealing pictures of me. In return, he sent me his own nude too.

hairy arm
This is how sexting goes right? 
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