A Cat at a Franklin Park

thin brown cat
 When I was babysitting a nine year old girl, that I blogged about, I mentioned that we stopped at a park to swing. While we were there we saw a cat go by and lucky for me the girl I was watching is a huge cat fan because she wanted to go pet it. This meant I didn't have to look foolish going on my own. Surprisingly it let us pet it, but was a little odd because even though it let me pick it up it wouldn't let us pet its stomach. When it rolled over, we tried to do it and the cat freaked out. 
on the play ground
 While she was playing on the play set I decided to sit down on one of the lower steps and the cat followed me up there. This is when I knew it was going to get a full blog post, for being so friendly. Since I am a little obsessed with cats I have done this kind of thing before with a stray cat at my house and mo that cat (who I adore) and if you click the cats tag at the bottom of this post you can find a whole of posts about cats.
cat on the juggle gym
 This is my favorite picture of the cat. The only thing not fantastic about it is that you can't really see its face in the picture. Really the first one you can only sort of see the cat's face.  Too bad because it was so pretty.  I think this can go down as my first time playing with a cat on the playground. 
cat in the park
Then the girl I was watching jumped down onto a lower level of the play set and scared the cat. Almost instantly the cat jumped off the play gym and onto the wood chips. After a few seconds though it was fine.
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