What's so Great about Blogging?

Top 5 Things I love About Blogging

When I tell people that I'm a full time blogger, I get a lot of reactions. One of the most common ones is asking me why. What's so great about being a blogger they ask. Maybe you should get a "real" job is another one that I often hear. In some ways they're right. I put a lot of hours into being a blogger when really the pay isn't always that great, but I love it. There are so many opportunities that I would miss without having a blog, and best of all its way more fun then those "real" jobs.

1.  I Get to Review Cool Products

A few weeks ago I did a review of a of some green cleaning products, and I loved them. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also work really well. Not only is it great that I was able to find a new product that I like, but its even better that I was able to share it with all of you guys.  Another thing, and the reason I used this picture is because of the box. I didn't even notice it until after my review. 

2. I Can Afford Presents
A few days ago I did a post on what to for your boyfriend's birthday. This was a completely non sponsored post but the money that I used to pay for everything I bought him came from my blog. Without it he probably would have just gotten a card and a $20 gift because I wouldn't have any money to spend. This year for the first time I actually got mother's and father's day presents for my parents too. I know its a little late for me to just now be starting, but still! Almost all of the money I make from blogging either goes into giveaways for my readers, presents for my friends and family or to maintaining the site.

3.  The Clothes

Even though my Tribal Style 1920's outfit post was awhile back, I get new clothes every month to write about and then style so I can show you guys how to wear it.  Its great because I barely ever have to buy my own clothes anymore and I can tell you guys about the great sites that sell all these fashionable pieces. 

4. Giveaways

Right now I have a giveaway going on where you could win a $25 gift card to Pink Blush Maturity. I love being able to give my readers a little something since they give so much to me. I mean all these things that I listed wouldn't happen if it wasn't for you guys actually reading my blog. Because of this I've been thinking that I'm going to try and do a review + giveaway post every week even if that means buying the giveaway items myself.

5. I can provide information

Remember this big bruise from my Nexplanon implant? Well I'm really happy that I was able to talk about different options available to people who want birth control. I know it isn't for everyone but before I got mine I had wished that someone had as much information as I put about the process. By the way I'm going to be doing a Nexplanon update so be ready for that in the very near future.
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