Too Much To Do

Hanna Marie Lei

Hanna Lei

Lately it seems like I've been so busy. Even though I'm only in two summer classes right now they're hectic.  Instead of being the normal hour and forty five minutes, they're three hours and fifteen minutes. That's almost three times as fast, and its not just sitting in class the work coincides with that much class time. So it feels like every time I turn around I'm writing another essay and having another math test. 

I've also been trying out and then writing about a lot of products, like my Beatisol Self Tanning Mousse Review and my Perlier Travel Set review. Don't get me wrong I love doing product reviews but sometimes it is a lot of work.  That along with my sponsored posts is really starting to make this a job more than a hobby which has both its benefits and its draw backs. On the one hand I don't have to worry about money or getting a part time job so I can focus on school as well as get fantastic new product to try out. On the other had though it seems like I don't have as much time to write about the things that I want to. How I've been upset with a friend of mine, or a funny story I want to share. 

I was really happy though that I was able to share my attempt at making homemade soft pretzels, Because really I didn't think I'd have time to even do that this weekend. After this first summer session is over I'm really hoping that I'll have some more free time but I'll have class then too so maybe not.
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