Tippecanoe Battlefield

Battle of Tippecanoe Memorial
 After having a picnic at the Tippecanoe Battleground, I decided to go and take a look at the Tippecanoe Battlefield Monument. I mentioned before that Tippecanoe Battlefield was where Indians (Native Americans) had a surprise attack on the Americans. This was over 200 years ago, but spoiler alert, the Indians lost.  This Battlefield Monument at Tippecanoe is to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought. I absolutely love seeing things like this, because the men who fought and died there did something for the greater good. 
Indiana battlefield graves
Tippecanoe Battlefield Grave
Tippecanoe battle grave
There were two graves at the Tippecanoe Battleground. Only two. I get that they have this big huge monument to all the other soldiers but even though these two men were the highest ranking (I'm assuming) that doesn't mean that they're more deserving of recognition. As far as the two graves go they do look very nice though. I kind of like that they both have flowers put there. 
The Wah Ba-Shika Nature Center
Wah-Ba-Shika Nature Center. This isn't really part of the who battlefield thing but it was very interesting. It had a ton of different stuffed animals (many of whom were found dead, not killed) but I didn't bother to take any pictures because they didn't have non reflective glass. They did however have a window that opened to a bird feeder in the woods. I swear there were at least 5 squirrels hanging out there.
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