Terrible Cat Photos

Yesterday since I had a dentist appointment,  I was near where my Grandparents live so I decided to stop in and say high to them. I ended up taking them an extra bag of my white cheddar Cheetos of which I only have a bag left now. They're so good I couldn't help myself but I did want to share since even though they're healthy I really doubt its good for me to eat too many.  While I was inside though I noticed out in the yard that their neighbor's cat was in their yard.

Of course I had to go out and see it. Even before my cat died I would do this, but now it seems like every time I see a cat I feel the need to go play with it. This cat actually was in my Grand Cats post before but this is its sole debut. As you can see though none of these pictures are very good. I could blame that on the fact that I just used my iphone camera, but I took pretty fantastic Hawaii Underwater photos with this phone so I don't think that's the case.
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