Review: Vidal Sassoon Color Protection Conditioner

VS Color Conditioner
I bleach my own hair, a lot and even though I normally use a purple shampoo to keep my color from going to orange, I figured I could try out Vidal Sasson Po series VS color protection conditioner so that I can keep the color that my hair originally was dyed, instead of letting it fade out. The first time that I used Vidal Sassoon Color Protection Conditioner, I hated it, but after a few more tries it's become one of my favorites to use.

Starting with the packaging, I guess that this VS conditioner looks like a salon product. It isn't in a nice large container or have mute packaging like my Tresemme Moisture Shampoo but it is free of weird graphics and distracting things. It smells pretty good, a clean soapy smell. The Vidal Sassoon Color Protection conditioner itself is a bright white and has a slightly runny consistency.

To use, apply the VS Color Conditioner to hair after shampooing and then comb through either with fingers or a wide tooth comb. After rinsing out hair my hair always feels tangle free, which is exactly how it should feel. For me the color protection wasn't a big deal since my hair is basically platinum, but after using Vidal Sassoon Color Protection Conditioner a few times I noticed that it started to make my hair healthier, shinier and softer.

Simply because of the damage repair this VS conditioner does to my hair it is one of my favorite. After about a week of use my hair feels so nice which is amazing since bleach and my flat iron are almost a daily thing. I also like the smell and since I bought this conditioner for about $3 at my local Walmart you can't beat the price. 
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