Review: Suave Moroccan Infusion

Looking back through my reviews, I was sure that I had done a review over Moroccan oil before, maybe even this exact product, but I couldn't find anything even similar to the Moroccan Infusion Styling oil made by Suave. I've only even reviewed one other Suave product, Suave Professionals Volumizing Conditioner. This Moroccan Argan Oil is a is a part of their salon proven products, so you'd think that it'd be a pretty good styling oil, and I have to say it is, even on my terrible hair I saw an improvement after using just this sample size.

The texture of this Suave Moroccan Oil Infusion styling oil is very similar to the Olive Oil I used in my hair, but I can say that the this ended up much better. I can say that this was much thinner than serum that I've used, but it is still much thicker than water I'd say a smooth syrup kind of feel without the stickiness. To use press into palms and rub hands together. Apply evenly to the surface of damp hair from mid shaft to tips. Comb through to distribute evenly. 

It goes it well, and doesn't create any clumps. Actually it made my hair feel a lot smoother after use, about as smooth as a nice conditioner does. It smells really nice too, I'm guessing though that smell is just the Moroccan Argan oil because I have no idea how to describe anything similar to it. After my hair dried it still felt ultra smooth and didn't have nearly the frizzy look that it normally does. Something that I've been trying to control with any product possible, see my Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Review for proof of my search.

Overall I really like this product. It has a nice feeling, is easy to apply and smells great. The best part though is that it really works. Naturally I have a terrible hair type and tend to try African American Hair products so I think this Suave Moroccan Infusion Oil could be great for multiply hair types.
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