Review: HYD Buffer Stick

Review of HYD Shave
Have you ever had an ingrown hair? I have, and let me tell you it isn't fun. Its when your skin gets irritated and then the hair tries to go back inside of you, which is really gross. HYD Buffer Skin, which goes along with the HYD Shave Cream, and HYD Razor shield  that help your skin out a little at its most important area, the face because you want the ladies (or men, I don't judge) to be into, and nothing says no like irritated skin. 

Buffer stick gently removes dead skin cells so your face gets the full benefit of these moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. The proprietary blend of active agents also works to prepare your skin for the fight against ingrown hairs. Rejuvenate your skin with our one-step microdermabrasion hydration stick. 

Buffer Stick by HYD combines hydration and long lasting exfoliating treatment with professional quality microdermabrasion to keep our skin looking fresh. Medical grade crystals are embedded in a unique stick form, making Buffer Stick highly effective easy to use and fast acting, the results are instant.

HYD for men is a great brand and their buffer stick is no exception. It exfoliates the skin without pain or irruption, fights and prevents ingrown hairs, and... it minimizes the appearance of dark spots, lines and small scars. These scars and links might have been cool in the 1900's but now that's not the case so men, you really should give this buffer stick a try, I know I like it.
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