Review: Coquette Stretch Lace Bustier

Front of Coquette Bustier
Coquette Bustier

Here's Coquette's Stretch Lace Bustier, its been out for awhile, but since its not seasonal you still have plenty of time to get it. I've done a few reviews for Coquette products before, but only one for a bustier the Mesh Bow Lace Bustier just like that lingerie piece the Coquette Stretch Lace Bustier is actually called a corset, but it isn't at all. It is however a fantastic piece, but I'll go into the details later.

First I have to say I love this bustier. It is one of Coquette's more expensive pieces, but I can tell you its very much worth the price. On the front it has three large bows, each of which are just attached with a safety pin so if you don't like them they're easy to remove. Down the front and back of the corset is this weaved ribbon that is set in lace. The rest of the Coquette Stretch lace bustier is a floral lace and the top and bottom have black ruffles.

As far as quality goes, everything is perfect. No loose strings or any spots that I'm worried will damage easily. It does however run a little big, I'm a 32 B and got a small but still had to clip the bustier hooks on the tightest settings and it still was a little loose. It is however long enough for a girl like me who has  a long body and doesn't rid up if I lift my arms up. It comes with garter straps as well as shoulder straps.

Overall I really like this Bustier. Its beautifully made, and a perfect feminine lingerie piece for any girl to add to her collection. The only bad thing is it does run a little big, and its labeled as a corset when clearly its a bustier. Coquette does make some great corsets though if you want to check out my Coquette lace and Satin Corset review
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