Review: Coquette Eyelash Lace Corset

Coquette Eyelash Lace Bustier
The Eyelash Lace Corset, another nice piece of lingerie by Coquette. To start with if you're looking to buy this product I've seen it called a few different things. On the product page of the store I bought it from its labeled as Coquette Eyelash Bustier, when its clearly a corset. This is kind of like the Coquette Stretch Lace Corset, which just so happens to be a bustier. On its label this corset is called the Green/Black Bustier. So there really is a little confusion about the name of this lingerie piece, but I'll be the first to tell you that is the only problem with the Coquette Eyelash Lace Corset, it really is fantastic. 

It has two bra cups at the top that are half done in lace, and lightly padded. This lace extends to about the thoracic cavity and then shows up again on the sides of the bustier. It has plastic boning and two of these run diagonally across the front creating the elusion of an hourglass shape on the wearer. The back has a thick ribbon down the middle to tighten the corset, in a very similar style to my Holiday Coquette Corset. The Eyelash Lace extends farther up the back than the front but a lot of the light green is still visible.

I love this corset as a more elegant lingerie piece. Although it does have ribbon to tighten in the back, it has hooks in the front so that the wearer can more easily get it on and off once they have adjusted it to their size. It comes with garter and shoulder straps. I found that the small fit me well. There is also a modesty panel in the back where the ribbon is something quite rare in corsets.

Overall this is a very nice piece. It is a little more sophisticated then most of the designs I like, but still very nice. I love the privacy panel, and the color is spectacular. The ties are very sturdy and should be a problem if you want to use this corset for light waist training.

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