Red White and Blue Bat Sleeve Tee

Bat Wing Style Shirt

Red White and Blue Fashion
Independence day is coming up. Actually its this Thursday, which is normally when I have class, but being a national holiday and all I get the day off. Even if I would have had school, it wouldn't have ruined my 4th of July plans because class ends so early, not that I'm complaining, because the extra sleep will be much appreciated. As you can see I've already decided what I'm going to wear. Have to be prepared.

First up, my Bat Sleeve Geometric Print T-shirt from I can honestly say that I've never owned or even tried on a bat sleeve shirt before, even though they've become quite popular, so I didn't really know what to expect from it. Basically its just a rectangle cut shirt that fits a little like a poncho so its super comfortable. Since it is so loose I'm wearing a tank top underneath it. Because its July you might be wondering why I'm wearing jeans for this outfit post, and the answer is pretty simple. Its freezing outside! Okay not really "freezing" but for sumner it is pretty cold. For the shoes, not pictured just go with a pair of cute leather sandals.

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