Olive Garden Restaurant

3-course $15 Italian
 I hadn't eaten at olive garden in awhile, and when I say awhile I mean at least three years. There is one near me, but italian food isn't really my thing. I tend to prefer steakhouses like outback but since I was on vacation in a small city my options were limited. I am though very happy that I decided on this restaurant instead of one of the small family owned ones (although I loved The Blue Gate Restaurant) because both my food and service was amazing and with the 3-course $12.95 Italian dinner .

Going in I have to admit that I though that we were going to have a terrible waitress. As soon as one got our drinks to us she told us we would be getting someone else. This is when I started to imagine cold half cooked food, no drink refills, and no extra bread sticks. Well, I was way wrong on that.
endless restaurant breadsticks
First up were the breadsticks. If you've never had Olive Garden's breadsticks you really need to try them. They're fairly soft and the seasoning on top of them is great. Best of all these are endless so you can have as many as you want. Just make sure you leave room for the rest of your food.
Chicken dumpling soup
Instead of the endless salad I decided to go with the soup. Olive garden had a ton of different ones to pick from but I decided on the Chicken dumpling soup and it was AMAZING. I swear I could just it that all day everyday. Its a good thing it wasn't endless because there's no way I would have had room for any dinner.
Italian Noodles
Now for the main course, some type of noodles. I wish I could remember what they were called, but I really can't. I do remember though that it had shrimp in it. It also had a ton of tomatoes which I love, especially with the cheese. I didn't finish all my food because I had to make room for desert!
little strawberry shortcake
Then they had one of five mini deserts to decide from and since I really like strawberries so I decided on this one. It was very good. It wasn't something that I would have picked if it cost extra but still nice.
Food left after eating
So I mentioned that I wasn't able to finish all my food and here is what's left. I know its a lot but I did end up eating it the next day. Actually I didn't even heat it up, and it was still really good. Just writing this post makes me want to go back to Olive Garden. 
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