Oasap Order + Giveaway

Scroll to the bottom for $50 Oasap gift card giveaway

If you don't already know every month I'm given store credits to a lovely online clothing store Oasap. They are a street fashion kind of place and update their products, which include everything from jewelry to shoes to clothing and more all the time. They have a large variety of sizes and colors available and everything is a great price. Although shipping is international I've never had any trouble with receiving anything. They even give you a tracking number so you'll know when its coming. Oh and after you get your product you can upload a picture of yourself wearing it and they'll give you a $4 store credit. Now here's what I got.

First is a Geometric Print Bat Sleeve T-shirt. I would put in the link of this product but its already sold out! No surprise since it retails for $40 and I bought it for less than twenty. It's one size but I'm not really afraid of it not fitting because I've ordered a one size item before. You can find your own sale items HERE

Next is Bohemian Floral Print Sunglasses. If you click over you'll notice that they have a floral print all around them and come in three different colors. These are some of the cutest sunglasses I've seen. I actually saw another blogger with these sunglasses and they looked great on her so I can't wait to see what they look like on me.

Now for the Giveaway:

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