Influenster Challenge Winner

Remember that Voxbox that I got back in February? The one that was crammed full of fantastic beauty products for me to try out and review for you guys. Well the top blog posts reviewing each of the products would win a a year's supply of that product. And guess what, I won the Secret Prize Pack which is a year's supply of deodorant for my Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Review. I kind of have this thought that maybe I won this prize because they think I smell.

Even though this prize is valued at about $30, less than a lot of individual beauty products I review, it made me super happy to win it. I think that its more of that feeling of being appreciated and that someone really likes the work I've done more than the value of the products. Actually it reminds me of when I did my Jazzy Wear Shoe Review and the owner sent me a personal thank you note telling me she liked my blog post. When you work really hard at something it really is nice to get some appreciation even if its just a little bit. 

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