German Wendy's

 I decided to make another everyday food post. I don't do these all that often but I think its fun to show what I normally eat up on my blog once in awhile so I figured I could just go with it. If you aren't all that into random pictures of what's mostly my dinner's from this week then you can just go ahead and read some of my reviews. Actually that might be a good idea anyway since I've been posting a lot of new ones lately. 

This first picture is of a dinner that my grandmother and my mother both make. Its pretty simple. Hot dogs, macaroni and beans. Oh yeah and it tastes way better the second or third time its made because everything has a chance to soak in. There is a little history with this though because my grandmother and her family, who are german would receive these things at the end of the war, very American foods that they really didn't know what to do with so this is what happened. Nowadays things like the internet mean people don't have to come up with their own recipes.

 My Wendy's meal. I'm not sure why the first photo doesn't have a frame, but whatever. This is what I ate the other day after school, but really I eat at Wendy's quite often. It always seems like I get a small chili then too. On that day I was especially hungry so I also bought a frosty and fries.
 Okay I had to share this because it looks so healthy. Tuna (fish is brain food), green peppers apple slices grapes and a whole wheat bun. If only I ate like this everyday. I feel like I'd be the healthiest girl around. Plus I'd loose that five pounds of pudge I seem to have gained recently. 
 Salad. It seems like whenever I'm home I make the ugliest salads, but they always taste fine. That might be in part though because I tend to drown them in dressing. I have gotten a little tired of the greens lately.
Gatorade. I love this stuff. But I'm not partial to it over other sports drinks. I just like anything that's non-carbonated.
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