Everyday Life:June Bird Nest, and the Zoo

Nicely made nest
So for this first photo I kind of have a funny story. I went with my mother to go take care of my grandparents house while they were on vacation, water the plants, check the mail, those kind of things. There was this birds nest on the ground and I was all "Bird's nest soup" my mother thought I was kidding so she laughed. But I wasn't I actually thought that's how you made it. Apparently though bird's nest soup contains no real bird's nests. But this is a nice looking nest.
Plants outside Olive Garden
When I went to Olive Garden, which is one of my new loves by the way since their food is fantastic I saw these flowers outside. They actually had quite a few plants but these were the prettiest. I love how they used stone instead of mulch to fill the planter. Much less upkeep.
Park & Rec Picnic Table
It seems like I did a lot of picnics on my Northern Indiana trip because the day before I was having a picnic at Tippecanoe Battlegrounds.  We went right after going to the Michigan City Zoo and I just ate leftovers from my Olive Garden dinner.  Since I'm not a big fan of sandwiches this was much better for me, and the food was fine cold.
Old Grey Cat
A terrible picture of my boyfriend's cat Simon. As you know I love cats, but at first, this cat didn't really love me. Actually he still doesn't but at least he lets me pet him now. I think its because I'm used to cats being much more friendly. Of course because I'm not the best photographer this picture is terrible. I've taken other terrible cat photos before that are just as bad.
Zoo Dolphin Arena
The last thing I did was go to the Indianapolis Zoo. I really wish I had taken more photos but since I was with my boyfriend I was a little afraid that this would annoy him so I didn't. This is the zoo I'm spoiled by. It is expensive but all the animals are so amazing. They're even getting orangoutangs soon. This I think is why I'm unimpressed by other zoos. When we went, because the main attraction for us was the Gardens I wore my Floral Bohemian Sunglasses outfit.
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