Everyday Food: Beans and a Trip in June

KitKat crispy candybar
It seems like I'm still not all that good at taking pictures of my food so as it would seem there's only one post about the foods I eat from this month. My German Wendy's post went live in June but it was about the foods I ate in May. Actually that post is a little nicer than this one, but that's okay! First up is one of this KitKat candy bars. When I was in English class (which is done now) I would almost always get something from a vending machine. Normally that would be sun chips but I wanted a little bit of a change.
rasco's tacos to go
There's this Mexican Restaurant that I love to eat at in the town next to mine. The food is a little expensive, but the proportions are huge. A meal consisted of three tacos and a side. Well, I ended up eating two of those, and this one was the one saved for later as well as half my beans. I love saving food after dinner at a restaurant and eating it as a late night snack.
dippin dots from a vending machine
Then came the Rainbow dippin dots. They came from a vending machine that I went to when I was doing the shopping for my birthday haul. These are great, better than real ice cream because they don't melt as fast, but when they do they start to turn brown because all the colors mix. Not that it really matters because they still taste great.
breakfast for free
I'm not sure why, but I always love to eat the free hotel breakfasts. Maybe its because they're kind of like a buffet because honestly the food isn't all the great. It wasn't bad, just not great. This is what I ate before I went to visit the Michigan City Washington Park Zoo.
Gross looking breakfast
Then there was my breakfast at home. Just oatmeal. Too lazy to make anything elaborate and it still tastes good so there wouldn't be any reason. I did add a few raisins though.
Healthy Dinner, Mostly
Last is a dinner I had. Since I'm not very good with telling meats apart, that's either a pig or a cow. I've  been thinking of becoming a vegan or at least a vegetarian but it really isn't that easy when you live with other people. Soon though. With this dinner I had mashed potatoes, broccoli, peas, and corn. So at least the rest of what I ate was healthy.
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