Doller General Beauty Haul

Maybe doing a Dollar General beauty haul seems weird to you, but really its no different then the Walmart beauty haul I did a while back. Here's the story. I really needed some pads and tampons, take a look at my nexplanon review to understand why, I mean like in the next five minutes kind of need and Dollar General is the closest store to my house. 

After I bought my U by Kotex tampons and my Always infinity pads, both of which work fantastically in case you're curious, I went hunting around for some sort of snack food because who doesn't love to eat. Walking around I noticed though that the Dollar General actually carries a ton of different products, and not just the junk I tend to associate them with either. Before I left I ended up finding Honey I'm Strong Conditioner by Herbal Essences a brand that I love and an LA Colors Nail Lacquer for a $1. Seriously if you're in the need for cheap beauty essentials you might want to take a look at Dollar General because their prices were even cheaper than Walmart's.
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