Does anyone even read blogs anymore?

My favorite blogger, one that I've followed for the past three years has started to talk about quitting blogging, that its dead to her now. She was the reason that I started blogging. I saw all these amazing things that she did, that encouraged me to start writing myself. The trips to Japan, amazing clothes, and what kind of seems to be a perfect life I wanted all of those things. Things that I knew I couldn't get from just sitting around at home. When my blog first started out, it was more of a way to document my life, to look back on old memories like doing backdated posts with photos that I just wanted to get out of my camera. See Look back at the Woods for an example.

I continued to read blogs like the first one that I followed and started to get more of a feel for how to blog and what I should write about. I started doing reviews, my first being about shattered nail polish. Quickly I began to realize that I really liked to write reviews. Then I got into this whole fashion thing starting with my Oh Spring Polyvore, when I look back at these old posts I notice how much I've improved over time. My writing, my fashion, and my reviews have all become significantly better.

The thing is though, with all these new exciting posts it seems like my viewership isn't going up that much. I have a lot of followers, in my opinion, and I love it but its so slow growth. It makes me think that blogging wasn't dead to my idol blogger but that blogging is dead. I mean I read a lot of blogs but some of that is "research" so that's why I read, but why do non-bloggers read blogs?

This may be a random post, but its really just about how I've felt about blogging lately. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging, it has done so much for me, but sometimes it is frustrating. Between negative feedback and that some people say its "dying" it makes me sad! I'm not going anywhere though and plan on staying and writing about everything I love.
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