Boyfriend Birthday Presents

What to get your Boyfriend for his birthday

I seriously have the most trouble buying presents, and adding on the extra stress of it being my boyfriend makes it that much harder. Of course, he'll "love anything I get him" which just makes it harder because I have no guidelines. I know that he's serious about not caring but I really want to give him something that he'd like even if it wasn't from me. So I picked a theme, because themed presents are always the best and went with it.

The first thing on my list was getting him a custom card. For Valentine's Day I just got him a very generic one so I went a little farther this time. On the outside it has his name and the inside has the most embarrassing photo of him that I could find with the words "Hey hottie" typed underneath it. I actually go this idea because he was so excited that one of the Valentine's Day presents I got him was custom.

So the first actually present on my list is this beard cup. Since he has been growing one out lately this is perfect. When I saw it on Amazon I knew I couldn't keep from buying it. I'm a sucker for a good pun.
Next is a pair of slippers. When I decided that I wanted to go for an old man theme this was something that I really wanted to do. Since they were expensive he does know about them. It reduces any trouble of having to return them.

Last. Since he said that he'd be happy with ANYTHING I got just that, in cactus form.
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