Book Review: Unseen by Jack Graham

Angels Satan Heaven Hell book review
By Jack Graham

Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell and winning the battle for eternity.Behind every win and every loss beneath every success and every failure. Spiritual forces are at work. When Dr. Jack Graham was twenty years old, he got the phone call no one wants to receive. His rather had be ruthlessly attacked and it became clear to young Jack that invisible forces of evil were involved. He realized he needed to take the spiritual world more seriously, because the real battles we face in life are between the powers of good and evil... literally the armies of heaven and hell.

Through compelling stories, practical guidance and biblical truth, Dr. Graham challenges popular opinions and persistent folklore about heaven and hell, good, evil, angels and Satan. You will come away from this book enlightened about the super natural world and encouraged that God can provide protection, provisions, and power for whatever lies ahead. Each chapter includes questions for group discussion or individual reflections. A free online small group curriculum is also available.

About the Author

Growing up in a traditional Baptist Church in Arkansas meant that I learned almost nothing about spiritual forces, about the tension between good and evil, about the afterlife and heaven and hell - except to be told that one place was desirable and one was not. He soon realized that you don't just look the other way as this relates to ministry. 

My Thoughts

 I went to church for many years in one that I imagine is quite similar to Jack Graham and I have to say that I've never even had a thought about this good vs evil idea. It has never even been brought up in my church. This book has been a huge eye opener to me for these ideas that are centuries old but all new to me. A similar book to check out is Angels by my Side.
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