Book Review: Treasures in the Darkness

Book by L. Lawrence Brandon
Treasures in the Darkness
Letting Go of Pain, Holding on to Faith
by L. Lawrence Brandon

"In our darkest hour, even hen we cannot, God remains faithful"

Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon enjoys a blessed life, loves God and has served God faithfully for many years. But when he lost his oldest son in a senseless killing, his faith was severely tested. He found himself asking how God could let this happen.Even though Bishop Brandon continued in his outward ministry, the sting of pain and loss threatened to cripple him. Only by stopping admitting his crumbling faith and seeking God anew was he finally able to come through the darkness to a new place of faith and joy.

Her, Bishop Brandon comes alongside anyone who has faced a loss of any kind and fears losing their faith. Blending Scripture and his own story, he helps readers avoid masking pain deal with frustration and anger and truly grieve. Only then can someone find "the gift of erasure" in their pain and begin to heal and grown in their relationship with the God who was and is ever-present.

Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon is the senior pastor of Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral of Shreveport, Louisiana; founder and CEO of L.L. Brandon Ministries, Inc., Praise Temple Ministries and University Christian Preparatory School where he serves as chancellor. He is also an author producer television and radio host, conference speaker, socially active entrepreneur and esteemed business and community leader.

A loss doesn't just have to be of a person, or a thing. It can be a goal too something that your really wanted, that you couldn't see yourself without, but that's gone now. Everyone has those feeling of hopelessness after a loss, the sadness, the depression and Bishop L. Lawrence knows how to get you through it. This is really helpful for anyone who is feeling a little down.
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