Book Review: Splitting Harriet

Book by Tamara Leigh
Splitting Harriet
by Tamara Leigh

About the Book

Once upon a time, I was a rebel. And I have the tattoos to prove it. Did I mention I'm also a preacher's kid? That's right. And like the prodigal son after whom I modeled myself, I finally saw the error of my ways and returned to the fold. Today my life is all about "lead me not into temptation" When I'm not serving as Women's Ministry Director at my father's church, I'm working at Gloria's Morning Cafe. I even have worthy goals, like saving enough money to buy the cafe, keeping my Jelly Belly habit under control and never again hurting the people I love. No more parties. No more unsavory activities and no more motorcycles! You'd think I was finally on the right track.

But since my dad's replacement hired a hotshot church consultant to revive our "dying" church things aren't working out as planned. And now this "consultant" says I'm in need of a little reviving myself. Just who does this Maddox McCray think he is? With his curly hair that could use a good clipping, tattoo that he makes no attempt to hide, and black leather pants, the man is downright dangerous. In fact all that's missing is the motorcycle. Or so I thought... But if he thinks he's going to take me for a ride on that 1298cc machine he can think again. Harriet Bisset is a reformed woman, and she's going to stay that way. Even if it kills me.

About the Author

Tamara Leigh is the best-selling author of Perfecting Kate, and Stealing Adda. Her first seven novels earned awards and became national best sellers, but Tamara Leigh was dissatisfied that the stories were not God honoring. In 2003 he determined to write books that more directly represented her faith. Tamara Leigh lives with her husband David and two young sons in Tennessee.

My Thoughts

Just like in the Perfecting Kate book review I did, I have nothing but nice things to say about Splitting Harriet. I love all the subtle biblical references and the inner feelings. The books main point about not having to act or dress a certain way really hits home for me. This is a great read for anyone looking for something easy and fun to read but that has a deeper meaning.
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