Book Review: Runaway Emotions

Why You feel the way you do book
Runaway Emotions
Why You Feel the Way You Do and
 What God Wants You to Do About It
By Jeff Schreve
About the Book

If we pay attention to the alarms in out life they could save us. Worry. Anger. Loneliness. Negative emotions are uncomfortable by design. Like any good fire alarm, they alert us to a great danger. But they won't help us if we try to cover them up, hide them behind excuses or assume they will always plague us.

The only healthy way to manage negative emotions is to find their source and address the problem that set them off. As a pastor, Jeff Schreve says "A specific and compelling message can be found in each of your negative, painful emotions. God Himself is trying to speak to you through those emotions - right now"

So what is God saying? How can we understand our emotions - even change them? Shreve shows how the truth of the Bible can make sense of our confusion. The power of the Holy Spirit can lead us to freedom, and Jesus Christ can give us true peace in the midst of any crisis. You don't have to let your emotions run away with you, your family or your future.

About the Author

Jeff Schreve is a passionate communicator of God's Word with a great desire to help people connect with Jesus Christ and experience His love and plan for their lives. Since 2003 he has served as Pastor of First Baptist Texarkana, Texas. In 2005 he founded From His Ministries, a national and international radio and television ministry. Jeff is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin (1984) with a degree in Business Administration and a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2000) with a master's degree in divinity. He is working to finish is Doctor of Ministry studies at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Happily married since 1986, Jeff and his wife Debbie have been blessed with three daughters, one son in law and one granddaughter.

My Thoughts

I'm really happy about the recent influx of books that are focused on helping people regain their faith. Its not just about people trying to get others to convert anymore, but about listening to Christians who have problems, and who need assistance, and helping them. For me this is a good step in the right direction. Runaway Emotions is a great book to help you get back on track, for companion books I'd suggest checking out my Clear Winter Nights Book Review as well as Unstoppable. For anyone struggling in their faith I really do recommend checking out this book. Its an easy read and well written guide.
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