Book Review: Renewed

Book by Lucille Zimmerman
Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World
By Lucille Zimmerman

"You've taken Care of Everyone Else. Isn't it Time to Care for You?"

Are you tired of being pulled in many directions, striving to balance the needs of others with the need to nurture yourself? Discover how to balance work and family and faith while nurturing your life so that you're not just giving from the empty, but living from the full. Renewed gives you permission to put yourself first. Lucille Zimmerman offers easy and fun ways to nurture your time and your soul. Through practical ideas and relatable anecdotes, you will better understand your strengths and passions and address some underlying struggles that make you want to keep busy helping others instead of attending the hurt you hide inside of yourself. Renewed challenges you to examine where you want to spend your energy so that you can nurture key areas of your life for more fruitful work, family, and service.

Lucille Zimmerman is a licensed Professional Counselor who has counseled hurting families and individuals through the Columbine High School shooting and the events of 9/11. An affilate faculty member at the Colorado Christian University, Lucille lives in Littleton with her husband and two adult children. 

For anyone who's ever felt stressed out, like they have too much to do, too many people depending on them, this is a fantastic book to help you take a step back. Through personal anecdotes, sound theories, biblical applications, and doable steps you're guided and encouraged This will help you.

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