Book Review: The Phantom Patrol

The Phantom Patrol
About the Book

The Phantom Patrol, by L. Ron Hubbard.  On the black ship's bow were the words, The Maid from Hell. The lettering was easy to read. The cruiser as drifting toward them. A grim hulk of a man was dropping fenders over the side to protect the paintwork if they crashed against the patrol boat. The cool assurance of the move was jarring.  Johnny's eyes were the size of pinpoints. Small white fires leaped down in their blue depths. He braced his rangy length against the shock of the waves and went again to the brass speaking tube.

"Sorry, Johnny. I guess I-"
"Can't you get underway? Even with one engine?"
"No Johnny. You see, I-"

"Hell" rapped Johnny and went back to the deck. Men were boiling out of the cruiser's hatches. They held to the railing for support. At their sides guns were tied down tight. Rifles were in their clenched hands. There were fifteen of them. "They're going to board us," said Johnny. "You take this end of the ship, I'll take the other. When they drop down let 'em have it".

My Thoughts

I've already reviewed Dead Men Kill as well as L. Ron Hubbard's Branded Outlaw both of which are great reads in case you're interested and I've listened to the Killer's Law Audio Book, that's great for a long car trip or downloading onto your iPod.  The Phantom Patrol however is a little different than the other books I've reviewed. Don't get me wrong, its pretty fantastic but I've never read a Military Drama before, but I can tell you it might be a new style for me to look into.  Its like a mix between action and adventure with a little bit of history thrown in. L.Ron does an amazing job fitting in all of the characters in and creating suspense. I didn't want to put this book down until I was done.
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