Book Review: Open by Craig Gross

Book review: Craig Gross
What Happens When you get real, get honest and get accountable.
by Craig Gross

Its time to live free, to live healthy, to live satisfied. Its time to live Open. People all over the world can relate to pain, to questions and to struggle. So many people feel alone and live alone when it comes to these things. It seems we're afraid of being labeled, afraid of being judged, misunderstood, abandoned. And its easy to buy the lie that suggests our friends have enough on their plates. That they have enough problems of their own and they don't need ours on top of theirs.

But the truth is that people need other people. That a good story requires more than one character. It's one thing to have hundreds of friends on social media or a phone address book overflowing with contacts. Its another to really let a few people know you, to have some friends you meet your questions in your pain and in your coping. We all deserve it - a community support system. It isn't easy, but its worth it. You were never meant to live this life alone.

About the Author

Craig Gross is an author, speaker, pastor, and revolutionary. He shot to prominence in 2002 when if founded the website He is the creator of the x3Watch accountably software used by over 1 million people Craig is the author of nine books. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife Jeanette, and their two children Nolan and Elise.

My Thoughts

Getting help from other people is a problem that I personally have. I alway say that others are too busy to help me, that I'd be be bothering them. Really though the problem is that I don't want to share my problems. I'm afraid to open up. This is a really great book for anyone having a similar problem, because talking about your problems does make it you feel a lot better.
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