Book Review: Downside Up

Tracey Mitchell Book
Downside Up
Transform Rejection into your Golden Opportunity
By Tracey Mitchell

Everyone encounters rejections. The question is not if rejection will happen but how you will respond the next time it happens to you. Will it develop or destroy your dreams? Will you wilt beneath the fire of hurtful words, or will you use rejection as a springboard of opportunity to create a season of success? 

In Downside Up, Tracey Mitchell exposes the often overlooked truth - there is an upside to rejection. And it starts with viewing rejection not as a loss, but as a golden opportunity to discover your future. You will see rejection as a valuable friend who divulges secrets, alerts you to danger, reveals poor relationship choices and motivates you to make wise decisions. Mitchell offers a clear plan for embracing rejection working it to your advantage extracting your self-worth and developing meaningful relationships. Each chapter is filled with stories of men and women who conquered the devastating blows of rejection and rediscovered their identity and purpose. If you are tired of colorless dreams, dead-end opportunities failures, frauds or phonies let Downside Up show you the positive side of rejection.

As one of the nation's leading conference speakers, Tracey Mitchell travels 40+ weeks a year sharing biblical principles and wisdom with diverse audiences throughout America. Tracey's real life experiences have enabled her to identify with the hurting lonely and rejected. Whether speaking to men, women, corporate CEO's or the homeless, Tracey's love and passion for rewriting the lives of the brokenhearted make her messages relevant and empowering. 
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