Book Review: Dead Men Kill

Book review Dead Men Kill
About the Book

There on the inside of the door, where he could not have seen it before was a note. The envelope was addressed in green ink to Terrence Lane. But worse than that - the paper was held up by a knife driven through its flap. The hilt of the weapon was also green and was carved, in the resemblance of a snake. Lane ripped it down, shoved the knife in his pocket, and read the message, it was simple and to the point.

Terry Lane:

You will leave this case immediately and resign from the force. If not, you will be killed as suddenly as unexpectedly and as horribly as either Burnham or Gordon.

The signature was also in green. The two words at the bottom left no clue to the writer's identity "Loup-garou" 

My thoughts

This is the second of the paperback books by L. Ron Hubbard the first being Branded Outlaw, and I have to say that L. Ron Hubbard is a great author, actually he has been a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. This mystery keep me guessing from the very beginning and kept it up all the way until the end. The gruesome murders are very well describe, helping to create the suspense that was present throughout the book. 

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