Book Review: Clear Winter Nights

book by trevin wax
Clear Winter Nights
A journey into truth, doubt, and what comes after
By Trevin Wax

Searching for real faith or no faith at all. Chris Walker has everything. A career, a beautiful fiancee and a promising ministry opportunity and a faith instilled in him from a young age. But when a revelation about his family comes to light at his grandmother's funeral, Chris finds himself facing questions he didn't even know he had, about well... everything.

Fighting a battle within and without from those who don't understand his sudden doubts Chris seeks refuge in a weekend with his grandfather to ask the tough questions and sort through the issues where faith meets life and disillusionment collides with truth. 

Clear Winter Nights is a stirring story about faith forgiveness and the distinctiveness of Christianity. Through a powerful narrative and engaging dialogue, Trevin Wax shows the relevance of unchanging truth in an ever changing world.

Trevin Wax is managing editor of The Gospel Project, a former missionary and pastor, Wax is popular a blogger (Kingdom People)  and a contributor to Christianity Today. He is also the author of Counterfeit Gospels and Holy Subversion. He and his wife Corina, reside in middle Tennessee with their children.

I think that this book is a great look at doubts that people can have when they're normally strong in their faith. Unlike a previous book I've reviewed, Limitless, it isn't about how to be better as in motivation, but it shows what someone else has done or could do as a guide to you.
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