Book Review: Branded Outlaw

Branded outlaw book
About the Book:

Branded Outlaw. Gradually the proximity of death drove all other thoughts from Lee's head. He rode in a red nightmare of pain, fast because he could see the cloud which marked the pursuit behind him. Somehow he had to get into the mountains. Many times as a boy he had ridden over this terrain. And it was only because he knew it so well that he was able to reach the canyon mouth which led upward into a tangled labyrinth of ravines and peaks. Somewhere ahead, he knew, there was a stream and on its banks there was an old trapper's cabin, so well hidden that few punchers interested mainly in the flat terrain had ever come upon it. That place where he had once spent happy weeks fishing for trout was his only chance at life, providing he could remain conscious long enough to reach it.

My Thoughts

Previously I've reviewed an audio book, Killer's Law by L. Ron and I can say that I like this paperback book just as well. Western stories tend to focus more on the romance but I think this one is big on the adventure and suspense something that I really am into. Reading from one page to the next I love the excitement in L.Ron's Branded Outlaw novel. 

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