Book Review: Billy Graham in Quotes

Billy Graham Book
Billy Graham in Quotes
by Franklin Graham with Donna Lee Toney

"When the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Presented with Authority - Quoting from the very word of God - He takes that message and drives it supernaturally into the human heart." - Billy Graham

God Speaks his word straight into the hearts of men and women. The word of God is alive and active today in the lives of millions. With the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ as his singular focus, Billy Graham has faithfully passionately and unapologetically preached God's word for more than seventy years. At the age of ninety-two during an exclusive Fox News interview in 2010, Dr. Graham told Greta van Susteren "I have a tremendous amount of hope for the future because of Jesus Christ" In this stunning collection of quotes by Billy Graham comes a historic anthology covering seven decades of ministry drawing from both his published and personal works. These pages are filled with hope truth and redemption and seek the hearts of a lost people who need God now more than ever.

"Today we are putting our hopes in materialism, in technological progress and in freedom from moral absolutes. They have all failed. They've failed because they've been powerless to change the human heart"

Join Billy Graham as he seeks to bring God's Word to the heart of daily life. Reconnect and be drawn like never before. "Hearing Billy Graham express hope for the world gives me hope that my life can be worthwhile" comments one twenty two year old. Arranged topically for easy reference Billy Graham in quotes provides insight into more than one hundred topics anchored in Scripture. This gifted evangelis takes the focus off the messenger and shines the light on the message on God's word.

This is a great book for anyone looking for inspiration in their day to day life. It doesn't overwhelm you with rules that you have to follow, merely guides you towards God. Very refreshing to read, especially since I've already studied the work of Billy Graham, if you haven't take a look at him on Wikipedia.
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