Birthday Presents from Relatives

Presents from relatives
You may or not be aware that my birthday is coming up! When I went to visit my Grandparents for an early father's day, they also did the presents for people that have Birthdays in the month of June. It seems like now that I'm over 18 I get quite a bit less as far as presents go, which is kind of the unspoken rule there. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with everything that I got. On the top left is a black t-shirt that is supposed to be fast dry. This would be great if I ever worked out, but since I don't it's just a cute t-shirt. In the bottom left is a pink t-shirt that's to support breast cancer.  The top middle is a Kohl's Gift Card, so you can expect a new Kohl's Summer Haul in the near future. While I'm on the subject of Kohl's, on the far right is an orange tank top that I already bought during my So Brand Haul that's fine though because I can just exchange it for another color. In the bottom middle is a glitter spray, and a lotion. If you're interested you can check out what I wrote about them in my Paris Amour Lotion review, and my Paris Amour Body Spray review. Oh! and there is one more thing that isn't pictured, the Bic Razors I got because I've already started using them.

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