Birthday Presents From My Boyfriend

If you're already read about my birthday presents from my parents, and or my birthday presents from my relatives, then you'd know that I just celebrated my 19th Birthday. If not, you might have had a little confusion about the cake above when you saw the first picture. Before I start talking about what we did I have to say that I think I have the best boyfriend ever. He's so sweet.

Neither of us quite into going out, so we decided that we would just hang out at his house. Before I got to his house though he told me he was making a cake, way to ruin a surprise mister... But it was still so cute that he made me something! Especially since last time he tried to make something, with my help, he ended up burning it so bad that I had to throw out the pan. Oh yeah and you see how nice the icing and sprinkles look, his mom did that. Just in case you wanted to give him too much credit. Oh and this picture was stole from his sister. Shhhh
What to buy your girlfriend
Here's what he gave me. If you read my what to get your boyfriend for his birthday  post you can see what I got him. First is a GPS, and the holder thing so that it doesn't slide around on my dashboard. He listens to me all the time, or so it would seem, because he knew I had issues getting lost which is why he bought it for me.  He also gave me two framed pictures of his sister (I made these blurry since I've already stolen one picture from her) because I'm always talking about how hot she is, trust me she really is, and how she's the love of my life. I've always thought he was ignoring my comments about his sister, but now it kind of seems like he's encouraging this kind of behavior. The blue dress isn't actually a present from my boyfriend but rather his parents.  Its a really pretty design and color, so you might be seeing it in future OOTD posts.
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