Review: Totally Twisted Conditioner

 I've found a purple conditioner! Herbal Essences makes more than a few hair products that I'm really fond of. This curls and waves Totally Twisted conditioner has to be one of my favorites though. The best thing about it is that I found something I had already stopped looking for, a purple conditioner. Originally I had been satisfied with another Herbal Essences Conditioner to go with my purple shampoo, but after that was used up I found this conditioner that is actually purple.

Of course the best thing about this Totally Twisted Conditioner is that it will help keep away brassiness and orange tint since its purple, but even if you don't have blonde hair this is a great conditioner. It works well, smells great and doesn't leave any residue.

First off the most important thing about this conditioner is how well it moisturizes hair. Since I have bleached my hair, and use a flat iron more than I should, my hair is a little lacking in the moisture department that means though that I am the perfect judge of conditioners. I have to say that Totally Twisted Herbal Essences fits my standards. It makes my hair feel tangle free and so soft without an oily heaviness. I was actually surprised how nice it felt even a day after being conditioned.

Something that this purple conditioner has that is present in a lot of Herbal Essences hair products is its amazing smell. I have to say though that this is different than others that I've tried. I expected it to be like the tousle hair spray but  Totally Twisted but this has much more of berry smell, and it is a little strong, lasting overnight.
Now here's the color of the of the conditioner something that I thought would be an added bonus since you can't just go into Walmart and dump a bunch of different conditioners into your hand to test out the color and consistency so I helped you out. Since it is for curly hair it might be a little thick for someone with thin straight hair, but just use less.
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