Review: Perlier White Almond

White Almond Shower Cream
I received a travel set of Perlier products to review and originally I was going to do each product individually but I decided that it would be easier to do them in groups of two based on what product line they are from. So I guess I'm starting you out with Perlier White Almond with Cold Pressed and Pure Almond Oil Shower Cream and Body Cream

Perlier's White Almond line contains sweet almond milk and white almond oil, both are richly concentrated in natural emollients and nutrients. Ideal for dry or delicate skin types, White Almond offers moisturizing protection while its natural softening agents leave the skin smooth fresh and supple. Almonds contain large amounts of magnesium an essential enzyme activator that plays a part in the formation and maintenance of skin protein. Every day our skin becomes more vulnerable, it loses its natural protection. It becomes more sensitive and can face loss of moisture and lack of tone and elasticity. Perlier's White Almond line is made from the purest oil from cold pressed Italian almonds hand picked in Sicily, Italy. Exceptionally rich in vitamin E protein and essential fatty acids these help protect nourish and infuse new elasticity unto dry skin. Their White Oil has no GMOs that means no genetically modified plants.

 I have to say that I absolutely love that this is actually made out of almonds because so many products say they are something and then they don't even contain that ingredient. I'm looking at all of you berry labeled beauty products. The second thing I like is that there are no GMO products used in the White Almond products. This is especially important with recent developments in the news, and popular culture.

Shower Cream: To use massage delicately on wet skin. Then Rinse throughly. These products are made to smell soft and clean, almost a little herbal. Its not anything fruity or fresh but it isn't supposed to be. Its supposed to repair and moisturize skin, and it does that. Although it does foam fairly well, I uses a shower loofa to make it more bubble.

Body Cream: This is a light body cream that moisturizes well. I would say that it is similar in moisturizing to Nivea Extended Moisture so it does really well. I've used this on my elbows knees and face where it worked well on all of them.

Overall I really love these products. They are great at moisturizing have a nice smell that won't bother anyone and are great for sensitive skin. I love that they are free of genetically modified plants and are rich in vitamin E for skin repair.
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